System Five records the details of every sale, and keeps them forever. You can make anonymous cash sales, or record the details of your customers' purchase history. New customers (and inventory items) can be created after the sale has been started, without leaving the sale screen. If you need to record intricate details of your sales, you can. Serial numbers, special orders, warranty or other returns, claim checks, service instructions, and all manner of invoice, item and customer comments can be applied as needed.

Faster and More Accurate Transactions

Speed up your checkout line and reduce costly errors by using a barcode scanner that plugs directly into your Windward powered POS system. It can also greatly improve the speed of checking in received shipments and checking out sold goods, and it reduces the chance of human error.

Point of Sale screens
The detailed and simple POS screens

System Five is designed for speed. With a barcode scanner, a one-item cash sale can be completed in under four seconds, leaving the clerk free to take money and get going with the next sale. Barcodes speed up the process, but they're not required. If you want to add barcodes to your stock, System Five can create and print them for you.

And it's customisable. System Five has hundreds of configuration options to streamline the sale process, so you won't be pestered by things you don't need. Invoices and receipts can be tailored to your business as well, with company information, terms and logos rearranged with our built-in drag-and-drop design tools.

Point of Sale screens
A custom POS screen

System Five is compatible.

You can add just about any kind of peripheral to make your job easier:

  • Barcode scanners
  • Programmable keyboards
  • Touchscreens
  • Automatic cash drawers
  • A4 or docket printers
  • Barcode printers


Better Managing of Inventory

Your greatest asset (and sometimes liability!) is your inventory, so why not manage it with the care and attention you bring to the rest of your business? Track and analyse inventory properly to eliminate avoidable expenses like overstocking, over billing, and shrinkage, not to mention the less tangible cost of stock shortages; frustrated customers and lost sales.


Save time with Automated Ordering

Based on historical sales levels, a retailer can set minimum and maximum stock-on-hand levels. Windward System Five will then prompt you with Purchase Order suggestions to maintain those levels. This will prevent overstocks and will ensure that orders are placed with the retailer's vendors in time to prevent out-of-stock situations. What was an all-day struggle is now a simple 10-minute task - you can even fax or e-mail your suppliers directly from System Five!

Estimates or Quotations

Windward System Five allows you to enter estimates using the customer and inventory items on file. Estimates will have no effect on the inventory on-hand, customer balances or the profit and loss statement. However, when the customer decides to make the purchase, you can convert the estimate into an invoice or work order without having to re-enter all the data.

Estimates or Quotations

Windward System Five allows you to enter estimates using the customer and inventory items on file. Estimates will have no effect on the inventory on-hand, customer balances or the profit and loss statement. However, when the customer decides to make the purchase, you can convert the estimate into an invoice or work order without having to re-enter all the data.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Windward System Five includes great support for RMA' , both those being returned to you from your customers and those going from you to your supplier. The RMAs are tracked and reported until they are completely dealt with.

Invoice Profitability and Discounting

When negotiating with a customer, it's important to know your profitability before you agree to the discount. If you have the correct security level set, it's easy to check on your costs and profit margin. If you then agree to a discount, you can either discount a single line or the invoice as a whole. To make discounting easy, if you agree to a final price after taxes, you can enter that value and the system will calculate the sub total so that the after tax price is correct.

Another important aspect to discounting an entire invoice is that each line is proportionally discounted instead of taking the discount all off one line. For example, if you were selling boxsprings and mattresses and only discounted the mattresses, the reports at the end of the month may suggest you sell more boxsprings and fewer mattresses, which would not be correct.



Barcode scanning

Faster and more accurate transactions. They can speed up your checkout process and reduce errors when selling, receiving or counting your inventory. If your inventory has no barcodes, System Five can create them for you.  Read more about barcoding and creating labels


After every sale

System Five automatically and in real-time:

  • Records the Transaction for the end of day cashout reports
  • Adjusts the Inventory Balance Remaining
  • Checks the Inventory Levels for Purchase Order Recommendations
  • Records Information to the Customer Account
  • Records Information to the A/R System
  • Posts the Cost and Revenue to the General Ledger
  • Tracks the GST included in the sale and posts it to the GST report
  • Compiles the Results so your Reports are Ready Now!


Improved Customer Service

Windward System Five helps you provide superior customer service by better understanding your customers and their buying habits, by reducing checkout errors, and by streamlining the checkout process. Make every customer feel they're "special", with their complete sales history and preferences at your fingertips. Add new customers on the fly. When creating an invoice for a new customer, you can click on the new customer button to create the customer right then and there. This is great for warranty purposes, to see at POS which item they purchased last time, or just to increase your mailing list.


Real-Time Business-Critical Information

 Honestly, does it help you to get key financial information a month or two after year-end? Windward System Five's comprehensive reporting functions give you real-time access to all the sales and financial data you need to make those critical decisions that help keep you one step ahead of the competition. And because Windward System Five Accounting functions are totally integrated with both Point of Sale and Inventory, you know it's both accurate and up-to-date.


Work Orders, Lay-by's and Pick Lists

If you are in the service business, you can create work orders while the work is in progress. As the work is completed, the work orders are updated so when the customer arrives, just like a Lay-by it is simply converted into an invoice, without reentering the data. Similarly, you can enter large customer orders and print a pick slip sorted by location. When the order is ready to go, just convert the work order into an invoice.

Just like a Lay-by you can accept deposits on work orders, and the system will show the correct balance due when the customer returns to pay. As work orders are entered, the inventory values are immediately updated, however, the customer balance and ledger values remain unchanged until the work order is finally invoiced.

Ship Partial Orders

It is very important that whenever inventory leaves the store in a customer’s possession that an invoice be created, either cash or on account. Windward System Five supports tagging and moving the shipped item from a work order, onto a final invoice when you need to make partial deliveries.

Other Notable Features:

  • With the appropriate level of security, the user can view your cost and profit margin before applying a discount
  • Tendering with a foreign currency is supported
  • Optional interface to fast credit card verification software
  • Track service technician time spent versus time billed and print productivity reports
  • Send invoices directly to customers via e-mail or fax
  • Send special orders directly to the purchase order module so they will not be forgotten