Integrated System

  • Because your business management software should actually help you run your business, not just be a glorified cash register, why not make sure that this time your investment is scalable and flexible?  If your business evolves, shouldn't your business management software be able to evolve too?

    An integrated point of sale system cuts down your workload by ensuring that you only have to enter your information once and it is placed everywhere it needs to be. Staff can create an invoice without knowing anything about accounting or inventory control, yet the invoice they enter automatically updates those sections of the entire system.

    Integration with receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers, and pole displays will greatly enhance your checkout speed, professionalism, and customer service.


  • While you want staff to enter invoices, access to your balance sheet or profit and loss statements might need to be restricted. A detailed security plan allows you to control who can see what in the program. Click here for more information

Data Migration

  • If you're moving up from Silk, Quickbooks, MYOB, Simply Accounting or other systems, we can save you time and effort by helping to import your inventory, customers and suppliers. We have yet to encounter a data migration we couldn't handle!

    Suppplier's Parts Disk - If your manufacturer or supplier has the parts on disk or CD, we make it easy for you to load those parts into a System Five inventory management system.

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Windward System Five is extremely easy to use. It’s Windows based, so if you know how to use a browser to surf the internet, and use a mouse to navigate you have most of the skills to find your way around our software.

Grows With You

  • Windward System Five is the perfect point of sale and inventory management software solution for a small home based business with just one computer and employee. But as you expand, you can add a network of computers and printers. Windward will also scale up to hundreds of computers and up to 63 stores. You only pay for what you need. Windward grows with your business, making it the last system you will ever need.

Functionality for all types of businesses

  • Windward System Five supports retailers, wholesalers, equipment sales, service companies, repair shops and many other types of business. You can turn on the modules you need and turn off the ones that don’t apply to your business. 

    Whether you have one store or many, you still need the same information to run your business. Today's Independent retailer needs to be better tooled to compete with the larger mega stores without the large price tag associated with those systems. System Five is designed to be a sophisticated enterprise retailer solution giving you the functionality and information you need - when you need it!

Training and Support

  • We back up our software by offering high quality one-on-one training, either over the phone or in person. Once you are up and running with Windward System Five, any problems are handled by our professionally trained support staff.

    Click here for more information.


Barcode Support

  • Save time by scanning items when receiving, selling or counting. Barcode missing? Print your own!

Continuous Improvements

  • With Windward System Five, you will have access to continual improvements to the software that you can download easily from the internet. In addition, if you have the need, we offer custom programming.  Often a big problem for you can be solved with just a small amount of programming from us.

Increase Sales

  • Monitor and control inventory levels to offer a better selection of merchandise and reduce out of stock situations. You can produce mailing lists based upon customer purchase history to better target your merchandising efforts or use promotional sales to increase traffic flow and offer SPIFs to your employees to eliminate slow moving items.
  • Offer Layaways and Special Order and use deposits to ensure that the customer is committed to the sale.

Improve Customer Service

  • Speed throughput and eliminate errors at the checkout counter with UPC barcode scanning and on-line price lookup.  You can avoid a crisis by monitoring promised delivery dates for Special Order merchandise.  You or your staff can quickly use the on-line inquiry to check if an out of stock item is available at one of your other locations to deter the customer from looking elsewhere.  Capture specific customer information such as size and colour in order to offer a more personalized service.

Reduce Costs - Save Time

  • Set minimum and maximum stock levels to keep inventory at optimum levels.
  • Balance inventory levels by transferring merchandise from locations which are overstocked.
  • You will reduce salesperson training time with our easy to use, yet highly functional POS software.  The program's use of tight integration eliminates errors caused by re-entering information already captured by the POS software. 

Manage Profitability

  • Real-time accumulation of sales, material, labor and overhead costs. Purchasing performance can be measured between standard and current costs. Inventory Control, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Systems will help you become more profitable by allowing you to "buy smarter, control theft, take advantage of vendor payment discounts and lower your overall carrying costs".

    Use employee sales information to increase sales performance by being able to pull real time information in order to make adjustments where needed and when you need it!

More details we can help you with include: 

increase sales

Alternate suppliers complete with part number and their price – you can find a part by supplier’s part number

increase sales

Alternate parts (superseded parts)

increase sales

Manage RMA's (Return Merchandise Authorization) easily and efficiently

increase sales

Sales History (36 months viewable)

increase sales

Store a photo of the item for easy identification and for exporting to an e-commerce site

increase sales

Backorders and special orders are well supported

increase sales

Inventory Reporting

increase sales

Price Labels - can include Barcodes, Part Numbers, Descriptions, Retail Price. etc.