The competitive landscape for the independent business becomes more challenging every day. To compete in business, you must buy better, turn faster, market smarter and work more efficiently in your business. The key to survival in business is profits, and the key to profits is knowledge. Windward System Five can provide you with that knowledge and control.

Windward Software has a proven track record of helping retailers and wholesalers manage their business more efficiently since 1984. Windward Software provides complete business software systems for a diverse array of industry types.  Some of our Business Management Software Features:



Check out a few highlights of our Management Software's Advantages and Capabilities.... 


Increased Sales

  • Monitor and control inventory levels in your business to offer a better selection of merchandise and reduce out of stock situations.
  • Produce mailing lists based upon customer purchase history to better target your merchandising efforts.
  • Use promotional sales to increase traffic flow and offer SPIFs to your employees to eliminate slower moving items.
  • Offer Layaways and Special Order and use deposits to ensure that the customer is committed to the sale.


Reduced Costs - Save Time

  • Set minimum and maximum stock levels to keep inventory at optimum levels in your business.
  • Balance inventory levels by transferring merchandise from locations which are overstocked.
  • Reduce salesperson training time with our easy to use, yet highly functional POS software.
  • The program's use of tight integration eliminates errors caused by re-entering information already captured by the POS software.


  • Recommended by accountants.
  • Flexibility to work in multiple months or multiple years at a time.
  • Flexibility to correct errors without a series of complex journal entries, simply ‘unpost’ and ‘repost’.
  • Fantastic drill down capability.


Sales and Invoicing

  • 99 pricing schedules that can be attached to customer accounts for your business needs.
  • Create quotes, work orders, invoices, and convert invoice type "on the fly".
  • Every entry automatically updates all the other modules of your system saving you time and reducing chances of error.
  • Flexibility of handling cash sales and printing receipts.
  • Easy tracking of customer purchase history.
  • Handles invoicing and special orders.
  • Accommodates complex commission structures.



  • Includes both Business Management and Accounting reporting with "click" through capabilities.
  • Includes dozens of standard reports as well as powerful custom report righting capabilities.  Leave no stone un-turned!Drill further into your data than ever before!
  • Real time & historical reports at your fingertips.
  • Includes dozens of standard reports and powerful custom reporting capabilities.
  • Analyze your operation and make quality business decisions based on "up to the second"information.  All data is Real Time; not batched days, weeks or months later!


Invoice Profitability and Discounting

  • Discount on the invoice screen at the point of sale for quick on the fly adjustments.
  • Discount by percentage (%) or by dollar amounts ($).
  • Discounting at the point of sale also instantly calculates your profit margins on the products being sold.
  • If you're selling more than one item, the discount will be equally proportioned - this is important for reporting purposes as it doesn't show only one product line being less profitable due to discounting. The discount will be weighted accordingly.



Improved Customer Service

  • Speed throughput and eliminate errors at the checkout counter with UPC barcode scanning and online price lookup.
  • Avoid a crisis by monitoring promised delivery dates for Special Order merchandise.
  • Use the online inquiry to check if an out of stock item is available at one of your other locations.
  • Capture specific customer information such as phone number, or date of birth, in order to offer a more personalized service.
  • Use customer loyalty cards to keep them coming back!


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Search for customers by name, business name, phone number, address,city, or other options.
  • Create powerful rewards programs to attract customers to your store.
  • Retains detailed history.
  • Excellent customer service tool.


Inventory and Warranty Tracking

  • Real-time inventory tracking – even between multiple stores.
  • Automatic purchase ordering.
  • 3D Matrix Option.
  • Receive inventory to a specific job or work order.
  • Consignment, Floorplans, RMAs and more.


Optional Integrated E-Commerce Solutions

  • Put your store online in just minutes – it’s so easy!
  • Flexible templates or design your own.
  • Orders are copied into Windward System Five to reduce errors.
  • Handles multiple tax calculations and shipping rules.
  • Search multiple store locations for inventory and shipping convenience.


  • Deliveries can be scheduled at any time during a sale or work order that can transfer directly onto the delivery scheduler and then printed out to display all deliveries.
  • Directly from the scheduler you can set who is going to deliver the items as well as check their availability on the delivery date.
  • Notes can be added such as "call cell before arrival" to provide just the right kind of customer service your customers deserve.
  • As long as you are connected to the internet, you can click on the "View Map" or "Driving Instructions" which leads you directly to Google Maps or MapQuest for driving directions.  If you have multiple deliveries set for the day this can help plan the delivery route to maiximize efficiency, saving time and money!


Other Features

  • Special features for specific business applications, truly a flexible software solution.
  • Security features allow you to set access privileges by employee, either limiting or allowing access to specific areas in the system.
  • Flexible forms design – use existing forms or create new ones.
  • Multi-Media tutorials included.