Standalone LAN

Whatever your internet goals - Windward E-Commerce has the customizable shopping cart software solutions that can help your business succeed online. Windward E-Commerce is a powerful software package that integrates your online and offline businesses, providing you with optimal control and flexibility. Whether your website is for 50 or 50,000 products, by leveraging your existing Windward System Five Inventory, Accounting and Customer records with Windward E-Commerce, the setup and running of your website will be simplified, require less administrative time and be more profitable.


Windward Enterprise utilizes the Windward Anywhere (Polling) application to streamline the flow of information between multiple locations ensuring that all locations have up to date inventory levels and customer information. At a regulated time interval, information is automatically sent up to the head office and dispersed among other locations. With up to date information at their fingertips, staff can easily check stock between locations and access customer information from other stores. Real-time company-wide reports can be created at any time..





Standalone-WAN (W.E.A.R.)

Windward's Standalone-WAN, or W.E.A.R., is a solution for businesses that use a remote computing application like Microsoft Terminal Services, over the Internet, to provide access to their Windward Software solution to users at different physical locations. This benefits all users of the system by providing access to company-wide data in realtime.