Reduce Costs & Save Time

  • Set minimum and maximum stock levels to keep inventory at optimum levels in your business.

  • Balance inventory levels by transferring merchandise from locations which are overstocked.

  • Reduce salesperson training time with Windward Software's easy to use, yet highly functional POS software system.

  • The program's use of tight integration eliminates errors caused by re-entering information already captured by the POS system.

our Accounting module is...

  • Recommended by accountants!

  • Flexible and works in multiple months or multiple years at a time, with the capability to correct errors without a series of complex journal entries, simply ‘unpost’ and ‘repost’.  

    Capable of  fantastic drill down!


CRM (Customer relationship Management)

  • Windward Software's CRM system retains detailed history which can help you in your marketing efforts.  It is also capable of storing documents, spreadsheets and pictures with the customer information.

    Easily search for customers by name, business name, phone number, address,city, or other options. An excellent customer service tool for any business!


Inventory and Warranty Tracking

  • Real-time inventory tracking – even between multiple stores. You can even receive inventory to a specific job or work order.
  • Automatic purchase ordering capabilities, saving time and increasing inventory efficiencies.  If that wasn't easy enough, with our 3D Matrix Option, it makes inventory handling just that much easier! 

  • Consignment, Floorplans, RMAs and more!

Sales and Invoicing

  • 99 pricing schedules that can be attached to customer accounts for your business needs. 
  • You can create quotes, work orders, invoices, and convert invoice types "on the fly"!
  • Every entry automatically updates all the other modules of your system, saving you that extra step - and time!
  • Flexibility of handling cash sales and printing receipts and easy tracking of customer purchase history.
  • Windward System Five easily handles invoicing and special orders.

    Paying your salespeople on commission? Windward Software's System Five can accommodate complex commission structures.


  • Real time & historical reports at your fingertips with standard reports and custom reporting capabilities!
  • Windward System Five helps you analyze your operation at any given time - in a matter of minutes! 

Optional Integrated E-Commerce Solutions

  • Put your store online in just minutes – it’s so easy with Windward's E-Commerce Solutions!  Built-in flexible templates or design your own.

  • Orders are copied into Windward System Five to reduce errors. Our System handles multiple tax calculations and shipping rules.

Instant Information Access

Your staff work with a customizable point of sale screen that enables them to check prices, availability, and stock location instantly.

They'll be able to access complete customer information and quickly process returns, back orders, sales quotes, work orders, and layaways.


Invoice Profitability and Discounting

  • Discount on the invoice screen at the point of sale for quick "on the fly" adjustments. Discount by percentage (%) or by dollar amounts ($). Discounting at the point of sale also instantly calculates your profit margins on the products being sold.
  • If you're selling more than one item, the discount will be equally proportioned - this is important for reporting purposes as it doesn't show only one product line being less profitable due to discounting. The discount will be weighted accordingly.