Windward Software's Stock Control Software maximizes your benefits from just-in-time inventory. Windward Software provides a complete inventory management solution for you, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, increasing warehouse productivity, and significantly reducing paper flow. Windward Software ability to input and track manufacturer's serial numbers, generate and print internal barcodes, and track true cost and warranty sets it apart from any other inventory system.

After you have generated some history, the system will examine your inventory sales and recommend new highs and lows based on the sales volumes, number of days it takes to arrive, and if the trend is showing more or less sales. With barcode support, you can ensure accurate control, counting and selling of your inventory. While barcode support is included in Windward Software, barcodes are not for everyone, and we can show you several alternate methods of controlling inventory.


find inventory


Searching for stock is easy and powerful! Items can be found by many different criteria, including all or part of the part number or description, the supplier or brand, size, colour, or location. You can also use combinations of these to narrow down the list of matching items, until the one you want is found. These powerful search options are available throughout the system, whether creating, editing, ordering, receiving or selling stock.

Inventory Search Screen
Finding your Inventory


System Five can handle the details.

Serial numbers, warranty return tracking, pre-assembled and on-the-fly kit building, replacement and superseding part details, colour and size matrices, high and low quantities for re-ordering, 100 different price levels for your customers, separate cost, duty, shipping and other charges, alternate suppliers, case quantities, different taxes, and much more.
Main Inventory Screen
Main Inventory Screen


System Five is Smart.


 It remembers what you bought, when you bought it, how many, and how much. The level of detail is yours to control. If you have some inventory that needs extra detail, you only need provide it for those items. System Five won't force you to treat every inventory item the same way.

You can also get your inventory out: the robust reporting options allow you to create all kinds of inventory lists, and get a handle on your stock. There are mass-change routines to make price changes across wide or narrow groups of stock, and if you want to get tricky, you can export a list of items into Excel, update details as you like, and re-import the changed information back into System Five.

Sales History Graph
Sales history at a glance

And It's Helpful


System Five shows you at a glance what the stock situation is. How many are available to sell, how many are on layby, out for repair, or backordered. With one more click you can see how many are on order, and when they'll arrive. You can make corrections as required too, fixing quantities for single items, whole sections or the entire store at a time. Stock takes are never easy, but System Five makes the organisation easy.


Inventory Price Levels
Up to 100 price levels


increase sales Pop up windows to easily find inventory.
increase sales

Colour/Size/Fit Matrix for Clothing or Shoes

increase sales

Alternate Suppliers, Part Numbers, Cost for Items

increase sales

Categories & Sub Categories tied to ledger numbers.

increase sales First in First out price averaging method.
increase sales Fractional inventory allowed.
increase sales Many years of sales history on screen.
increase sales Cross reference sales back to invoices.
increase sales Quantity price break by item.
increase sales Up to 99 different price levels set to customers.
increase sales Price exceptions by sub category or supplier.
increase sales All taxes supported including GST, environmental levies etc.
increase sales

Floating prices by markup or margin or discount from list or fixed prices.

increase sales

Contract pricing by customer.

increase sales

Consignment Inventory tracking system.

increase sales Reports by product line or category or sub category.
increase sales Stock locations by item and printable on packing slips for easy order picking.
increase sales Detailed sales and purchase history.
increase sales Serial Number Tracking
increase sales Pack/Weight/Volume Classification
increase sales Kits or Bill or Materials