Point of Sale

  • The true strategic advantage that an intelligent, integrated POS software system can bring is how it can help manage your business, instead of just reporting on it.

    Windward Software has now developed a mobile application that incorporates the simplicity and ease of use of our Windward System Five POS workstation onto a tablet device that allows you to service customers quickly and efficiently. 


  • Faster and More Accurate Transactions!

    Speed up your checkout line and reduce costly errors by using Windward's Mobile POS App.

       • Add items
       • Remove items
       • Increment / decrement items via up/down arrows
       • Modify quantity by clicking on quantity
       • Add line comment by clicking part number
       • Items - Basic items- non inventory or misc (No rentals, units, serial numbers)
       • Discounting of invoice by dollar amounts ($) or percentges (%)
       • Cancel a sale
       • Park a sale
       • Waiver requirement for customer signature
       • Reversal of invoices for refunds

Check Out

  • Windward Mobile POS application is a great method to speed up your check-out processes. This can create opportunities for staff to engage with potential customers and subsequently create quick and efficient customer service, for the best brand experience possible. This application was developed due to today's fast-paced market and customer demands wanting increased service and speed. So provide your customers with the best experience and increase your operational performance by using Windward Mobile POS to incorporate time-saving solutions such as line busting and personal shopping.

  •    •Customer Account Details
       •ID Scanner (Drivers license to add customer details)
       •Integrated credit card processing
       •Cash Drop


  • When creating transactions, Windward Software allows you to have some flexibility in their Mobile POS App to ensure you are able to provide the most effective selling process.

       • Shows counts & totals by "sale" invoice type (filtered by invoice type)
       • Cancelled, parked & in progress can be recalled

  • Offline Invoice Creation allows an android machine to disconnect in the case of going outside of a wifi region to still be able to complete a sale.

  • Quantity checking from MobilePOS requires a wifi connection and can show your store clerks the quantity in stock of an inventory item.


  • Having reporting capabilities within your business is important, and that's exactly why Windward Software has transferred the superb reporting abilities from our traditional POS solutions to the Mobile POS application.

       • X Report
       • Z Report
       • Opening / Closing Inventory count
       • Opening / Closing Checklist
       • Reminders for count & checklist
       • User clock in/out report 
  • daily_sales

Hardware Recommendations

We suggest using Android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0+ and Jelly Bean v4.1+


For integrated payment processing with Mercury Payments, we recommend you use the Google Nexus 10 tablet

nexus 10  

For fast laser scanning barcode reading we support the Grabba for Samsung Galaxy III


Secure Card Reader Authenticator, to Protect Card-Present Transactions for Mobile and PC Platforms


Printer Options - We currently recommend the StarMicronics SM-T 330i portable printer

More !

  • Some of the other features Windward Software currently offers in the first release include:

       • Clock in/Out

  •    • Bluetooth is functional, more to add

  •    • Customize POS layout for easy inventory item selection

  •    • Sync with Server

  •    • Receipt printing (in testing)

  •    • Emailing of Z reporting

  •    • For integrated payment processing with Mercury Payments, we recommend you use the Google Nexus 10 tablet.
  • clock_in