don't switch back and forth between programs

Using an integrated payroll solution makes your life easier and that's just what Windward Software has set out to do - simplify your life. With Windward payroll features easy of use, automated features, reminders and reports - they all help to truly run your business instead of just report on it.

Processing payroll quickly is a breeze because our integrated solution uses your current Windward System Five database - no need for additional payroll or accounting software add ons or separate solutions are required when you use our robust solutions, that simplify your business needs. Need direct deposit, cheques, or ROIs? Our Payroll Module offers it all.

So if you're tired of high payroll fees from third party providers, or maybe struggling with data entry and reconciling Account Payables, or just seeking a way to integrate your payroll with their business software; Windward Software has the solutions for your unique needs.

Take a comprehensive look at some of the features, advantages and tutorials on our integrated payroll solutions. Integrating with a payroll option is just another way that Windward Software continually seeks to meet the needs of their clients. As payroll is typically a substantial portion of overhead costs within a business, calculating those expenses correctly and efficiently is a must. With Windward Software's payroll option you can do just that. Windward Payroll provides integration and another business management applications to help run your company as efficiently as possible.

Payroll Features

Easy Step-by-Step Setup

  • All payroll software is designed in a similar way, to process payroll for employees. Each software package may approach the setup differently. Set up is the critical step in assuring your software is configured to perform as you need it to, so Windward Payroll offers an easy step by step guide to setting up your software, and for additional instruction or guidance, the Help file offers detailed instructions as well as tutorials to demonstrate the setup.


Automatically create Accounts Payable for Remittances

  • Never miss a remittance with auto created Accounts Payable invoices for payroll withholdings. Enure payment of Canada Revenue Agency payroll taxes on time, and avoid hefty penalties by having the withholding total already present in your Accounts Payable as soon as you process your payroll. Use this same feature for other payroll withholdings that need to be remitted to a third party by setting the appropriate due dates and never miss.


Fully Integrated

  • Forget importing or manual creation of journal entries to post your payroll. Upon p rocessing payroll or a period, all entries are posted to the General Ledger real time. Have your up to date financial reports timely reflect one of the larger costs of doing business, your employees. Payroll information is sensitive so no employee information is included on these entries, just the financial value.


Set Employee Reminders 

  • Prevent forgetting the little details that go along with generating payroll for your staff. Updating employee information, releasing vacation pay, or issuing a bonus can be added to an employee and before processing payroll the reminder note will prompt you with instructions.


Report Writer

  • Payroll software should provide more than just generating paycheques. Windward Payroll offers standard reporting for the activity within the software, as well as a report writer that allows you to create your own payroll reports or select an existing report, make modifications for your own personal use.