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Signature Capture

Reduce Paperwork and Use Windward Software's Signature Capture Features

Signature Capture Overview
Does your retail or wholesale business have customers that purchase on account by signing an invoice? If so - you probably have extra paperwork to do as a result; making duplicate copies to keep on file for yourself, for the customer and to send to the customer at the end of the month. If there were an easier way, wouldn't you like to know about it?

Signature Capture is now available on Windward Software. Now the customer is able to digitally sign the invoice, saving you from having to generate and file extra copies. The captured signature can also be printed on the invoice for the customer, speeding up payments on charge accounts. When generating a statement for the customer, the signature collected for the invoice can be printed on the statement to show the customer who signed for what.

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You might be wondering, "What happens if there is a partial pick up and someone else charges on the account? Will the first signature be signing for any subsequent purchases?"

No. The whole system is security based. When another person charges on the same invoice, they have to sign. The system stores the most recent signature.

In basic terms for the Legal signature option, the electronic document is loaded into the signature capture software which generates an encrypted key. The customer then signs the signature device after which an encrypted signature file is created. To view the signature the original unchanged electronic document as well as the encrypted signature file must be reload into signature capture software. If the electronic document or signature file is changed or altered, the signature does not appear. Windward Software stores and retrieves the electronic document and signature file. Only unalterable single documents may be signed. For example: invoices cannot be signed, but PDF files or slip receipts can be signed. Credit Card slips can also be "signed" but it is dependent on whether your credit card merchant agreement accepts this method.

There is also a signature capture option for Tablet PC's, this allows the capture, encryption, and storage of electronic signatures in electronic documents. This enables the users to add legally-binding electronic signatures to any electronic document type supported by the signature capture software. Electronic signatures can be added and viewed in common documents such as MS Word and Excel and Adobe PDF (using free bundled plug-ins).

Important to note is that with legal paper documents, legal signatures must show the date of signing, the place of signing and the printed name of the signer - as well as a witness. That's a lot to cover! Most invoices and credit card slips do not have this information on the document, and as such, may not hold up in court in the event of a dispute. Electronic signature capture laws also vary from state to state, province to province and country to country as there is no universally accepted standard for electronic signature formats.

Nonetheless, using Windward Software's ability to capture signatures effectively can limit paperwork, stresses and potential disputes. Let Windward Software simplify your business processes today!