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Windward Software has Extensive Reporting Capabilities to allow you to Efficiently Manage your Business

Recurring Entries
There's little point in collecting information from daily transactions if you can't get it out again. Windward Software has dozens of different reports, and hundreds of combinations of those reports, from sales to customer lists to profit breakdowns and inventory details. Most of these reports are customisable in format as well, so if the details you want aren't already in there, you can simply add them.

Windward Software will allow you to copy recurring entries into future months so that you don't have to post the same entry over and over each month, or possibly forget to post an entry. You can post forward into any month in the year and even post into next year.

This can be used for insurance for example. Let's say you pay $1,200 for insurance for the year in July. Is this really a July expense for $1,200 or are you in fact spending $100 per month and just happened to pay the bill in July?

From an accounting point of view, it's best to expense a little of this each month so that you can accurately gauge how much it costs to run your business monthly. To do this, you would post the $1,200 to prepaid expenses as an asset (something you own that is of value to the company) and then remove $100 from prepaid expenses, and post to insurance expense each month. In Windward Software, you can create the entry for one month and then copy it to the other 11 months, saving you time and effort.

Because Windward Software is a fully integrated system, all your reports are live. If someone makes a sale on the front terminal and you run a sales report in the back office five seconds later, that sale is in the report. There's no need to wait for a batch or end-of-day process, all your information is always ready.

Check Writing
Normally, you will enter your bills and checks into the accounts payable system, but for one-off checks for a vendor, you will never deal with again, that is too much work. Windward Softwarewill allow you to create and print checks directly from the journal entry in a simple one-step method. Windward Softwarecan print to any kind of check, so you don't need to purchase new ones. Just use the form designer to set it up.

Profit and Loss Statement
The income and expense report, also known as the profit and loss statement, will detail the amount of income and expense for each ledger number, both for the current month and a year-to-date total. Using the Windward Software ledger report writer, you can build your own reports to compare this year to last, and the year previous and other reports important for your business.

Balance Sheet
The balance sheet report will show you your assets, liabilities and owner equity. This is the bottom line that your accountant and banker look for to analyze the health of your company. By viewing this, you can see the dollars in your bank, accounts receivable and inventory on hand, among other details.


Powerful Inventory Reporting
Windward Software's will allow you to copy recurring entries into future months so that you don't have to post the same entry over and over each month, or possibly forget to post an entry. You can post forward into any month in the year and even post into next year.

We've been working on Windward Software for over twenty five years. In that time we've created reports that businesses told us they need, reports we know you'll need, and a few reports you didn't know you needed but just might find handy. Every single one of the reports in Windward Software can be right-clicked, and exported into Excel or any other spreadsheet program. The data is yours, and we don't believe in locking it up with our software. Some examples of the inventory reports available are:
coupons, discounts, bargains Category Reporting
coupons, discounts, bargains Inventory Value Report
coupons, discounts, bargains Open to Buy Report
coupons, discounts, bargains Special Order Report
Need custom reports? Using the Inventory Report Designer, you are able to design the report that you need to measure your business. With over 40 filtering criteria and over 200 available columns, you will never again be without the right information. In addition, you are able export your entire report with the click of a button to Microsoft Excel.
Customer Reporting
Who bought, how much and when? The answer to this question can be found easily by using the Customer Report Designer that comes with Windward Software! With over 20 filtering criteria including Purchase Date Range, Purchase Amount, City and Province/State and over 60 available columns, Windward Software will give you powerful insight into the people that matter most to your business - your customers!

In addition to the flexible report designer, Windward Software includes many standard customer related reports, some examples of which are:
Product Images Items Sold by Customer
Product Images Customer Yearly Sales
Product Images Customer Summary
Product Images Aged Accounts Receivable
Product Images Ranking Sales Report