Before using Standalone by Windward Software:

•Concerned that they would lose money by not being able to sell things to their customers
•Fearful that they would have to waste untold data entry time after resorting to hand-written invoices
•Scared that their inventory would be lost or messed up by data entry errors while re-keying these invoices

Using Standalone can be a great addition for a fail safe for your business in case of an emergency situation. Standalone will allow you to still make sales and properly record the information.


Another great feature of using Standalone is that it's not only a great solution for emergency situations, but it can be used in your every day business - when it makes sense. Tradeshows are one example of how many of our clients use our Standalone options to do sales while at tradeshows.

This feature allows sales clerks to make sales and modify limited information on workstations in Standalone LAN mode, when the main dataset is not available. It can be even be used by outside sales people with laptop computers to enter orders on the go by using the Standalone LAN manager application to synchronize the company's main dataset with a partial Standalone LAN dataset on the workstation before they leave and after they return.

You can use the Standalone application to synchronize the company's main dataset with a partial Standalone LAN dataset on the workstations's local hard drive. This allows you to continue creating invoices on a workstation in the event that the main dataset becomes unavailable or when you need to leave the office but may need to place orders or record customer information. When the main dataset becomes available again or when you return to the office, you use the Standalone LAN manager application to synchronize with the main dataset again so invoices and changes made to the customer information in the Standalone LAN dataset can be recorded in the main dataset.

Standalone LAN is a Great Solution for:

 •Temporary selling events (flea markets,sidewalk sales, etc.)
•Delivery/Sales/Service trucks

In terms of using Standalone, a workstation operating in Standalone LAN mode can create invoices, update customer information and take payments. Any other transactions performed on a Standalone LAN dataset are not synchronized back to the main dataset. After synchronizing changes to the main dataset, the Standalone LAN dataset is reset and all payments and invoices are cleared. Thus, to keep the Standalone LAN dataset up-to-date, it is periodically automatically synchronized with the main dataset based on the Standalone LAN manager's settings.

The Standalone LAN mode is an extra option that you can purchase. Your license must include Standalone LAN mode support before you can use this feature. Once licensed, you download a set of files that includes the Standalone LAN manager application and are then allowed to enable the feature in the Setup Wizard and view related reports.